#10: Manifesting your Dream Life with Zoe Ellmore

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“You are an eternal spiritual being living a temporary human experience.”

– Zoe Ellmore

Zoe Ellmore (@flo.with.zo) is a Vinyasa yoga teacher with over 500 hours of teaching experience​.

After trying an array of different hobbies, Zo began to learn yoga in April 2017 through YouTube and quickly discovered that she wanted to turn this practice into her full-time career.

After training to be a yoga teacher in May 2018, Zo’s initial plan was to build her business on the side. However, on her return from teaching in India, she was made redundant from her job in recruitment and was thrown into full-time yoga teaching. To help ease the pressure, Zo is now working part-time alongside her yoga classes as her number of students continues to grow.

Zo is someone I could happily talk to all day about a myriad of topics! In our wide-ranging conversation, we discuss the benefits of building a business on the side versus pursuing it full-time; practices to manifest your deepest desires; cleansing techniques she discovered in India; tips for getting started in business; and so much more!

Key Points:

  • Quit her job, ended a relationship & moved back home (5:00)
  • Doing yoga in the toilet! (8:05)
  • Getting over the fear of posting on social media (9:45)
  • You’re never stuck! (12:45)
  • Teaching yoga everywhere (17:01)
  • Law of attraction & Zo’s top manifesting tips (25:31)
  • Zo’s meditation practice & meditation images (31:07)
  • Zo’s experiences in India & cleansing techniques (41:40)
  • “Act as if” (55:40)
  • Creating your reality (1:03:00)

You can find Zo at the following:

Here are links to some of the resources we discuss:

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