#13: Yes, I Spent £400 on a 30 Minute Conversation

Scott 04/11/2020 41

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“Podcast listeners listen to podcasts”

Welcome to episode 13 of Entrepreneurs Can Party! In this episode, I’ll be sharing why I WANTED to spend £400 on a 30 minute conversation and the value it brought me.

Key Points:

  • Yes, I did spent £400 on a 30 minute conversation (5:45)
  • “If he believes in my idea for Entrepreneurs Can Party, it gives me confidence that this can work” (7:05)
  • “Podcast listeners listen to podcasts” (7:47)
  • 4 key questions to ask your podcast listeners (8:40)
  • I am now in the mindset of someone who invests in their education (10:27)
  • It has helped me manifest what I want (11:25)
  • Perspective (12:35)
  • “How are you investing in yourself?” (13:29)

Resources I highlight during the episode:

  • FREE Facebook Live Stream on Podpreneuer with Alex Chisnall, the host of the #1 rated podcast,’ Screw It, Just Do It’: I LOVED being on the other side of the table as Alex asked me about the process of ranking in the top 10 of Apple Podcasts in 6 days! We talked ALL things podcasting, including the best podcast hosts to use, the timeline for a successful launch and SO much more! 
  • scottstockdale.co.uk/rank: If you’d like to uncover all the intimate details of how exactly I managed to get Entrepreneurs Can Party to rank in the top 10 of Apple Podcasts within 6 days, this 7,000 word guide will take you through each key step! It’s broken down into multiple sections and can be easily navigated so you can pick out the key areas which are most useful to you. Check out the free piece of content at scottstockdale.co.uk/rank

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