#2: Quitting your 9-5 on a Whim with Lana Dingwall

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“What version of me accomplishes this goal?” 

– Lana Dingwall

Lana Dingwall (@lanadingwall) is a business coach & consultant with over 4 years’ experience helping clients build their dream businesses.

lana dingwall

In her first year of coaching, Lana grew her client base alongside her day job. One day, however, she had enough of her day job and quit it on a whim. She threw away the security of a regular pay check and her coaching business has been thriving ever since.

This isn’t to say her journey has always been easy. Lana found it difficult transitioning into working for herself and her business coach helped her with things like time management, marketing, finding clients, mindset, paying bills; the list goes on!

We discuss how to develop self-awareness to recognise strengths and pinpoint weaknesses; creating systems to become better organised; practical methods to achieve your goals; tips for getting started in lifestyle businesses; and so much more!

Key points:

  • Building a business on the side vs going all in straight away (5:20)
  • Fostering self awareness & personality tests (8:32)
  • Lana’s job-quitting tipping point (21:20)
  • Lana’s weekly coaching business schedule (34:29)
  • High-level goal-setting (40:25)
  • Why some business launches fail (46:30)

You can find Lana at the following:

– Instagram: @lanadingwall

– Facebook: lanadingwallcoaching

– Website: lanadingwall.com

– Podcast: Changing the Story with Lana Dingwall

It’s also worth noting that Lana is one of the most eloquent people I’ve ever had the pleasure of chatting with! She credits a large chunk of this to the international speaking organisation, Toastmasters.

Here are links to other things we discuss:

– Myers-Briggs Online Personality Test

– Enneagram Personality Test

– Sparketype Personality Test & The Good Life Project

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