#21: My 20 Favourite Books of All Time

Scott 05/09/2020 13

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Welcome to episode 21 of Entrepreneurs Can Party! In this week’s episode, I share my 20 favourite books of all time and rank them in descending order.

(This was extremely difficult!)
Enjoy and if you’re able to share YOUR recommendations with me, I would love to hear them!

The list of my favourite 20 books (in no particular order for these shownotes):

The 4-Hour Work Week by @timferris
Influence by Robert Cialdini
Shoe Dog by Phil Knight
The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schartz
Awareness by Anthony de Mello
Anything You Want by @dereksivers
Money: Master the Game by @tonyrobbins
Thirst by @scottharrison
Never Split the Difference by @chrisvoss
The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by @markmanson
Sapiens by @yuval_noah_harari
The Tipping Point by @malcolmgladwell
Setting the Table by @dhmeyer
Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl
The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald
Catch 22 by Joseph Heller
The Angry Therapist by @theangrytherapist
Models by @markmanson
Losing my Virginity by @richardbranson
The ONE Thing by Gary Keller (9:02)

 Podcasts and other recommendations worth checking out:

If you’d like to read my reviews of the 20 books, you can find them on my book review blog.

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