#22: Mental Health & Fitness with Sophie Grace Jackson

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“If you believe in something, you have to support it no matter what.”

– Sophie Grace Jackson

Sophie Grace Jackson (@sophiiegrace is a fitness enthusiast, writer and one of 3 UK ambassadors for Tone and Sculpt: a community which is helping thousands of women across the world feel strong & empowered.

Having started to take her fitness more seriously in April 2017, Sophie initially lost 2 stone and is now transitioning into building lean muscle through the process of ‘bulking’. She’s overcome many mental hurdles along the way and is continuing to grow her supportive fan base, all whilst planning for her wedding, renovating her house and taking on additional freelance writing work.

In our wide-ranging conversation, we dive into how to achieve work-life balance; tips for losing bodyweight without causing harm; the mental challenges associated with purposefully changing your body; the importance of authenticity on social media, both personally and for your fans; and so much more!

You can find Sophie at the following:

Here are links to some of the books, resources and profiles we discuss:

  • Just Eat It by Laura Thomas PhD: A book Sophie highly recommends around intuitive eating and giving yourself permission to eat food that’s not considered ‘nutritionally dense’.
  • @krissycela: The founder of Tone and Sculpt who Sophie admires for her ‘no bs approach’. 1.8 million Instagram followers agree!
  • Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill: One of my favourite books around the law of attraction and the power of mindset.
  • Love Factually by Laura Mucha: A deep dive into the evidence, theories and everyday experiences that illuminate questions like ‘does love at first sight exist?’ and ‘what should you look for in a partner?’

Key Points:

  • Getting into fitness (2:57)
  • Health benefits (6:07)
  • Bulking (9:35)
  • Achieving balance (13:05)
  • Her dancing career and her own dance school (17:30)
  • “Why don’t I take what I know and help other people?” (25:50)
  • Authenticity on social media (30:30)
  • Understanding what your body need (36:34)
  • Tips on losing weight without causing harm to your body and the mental hurdles (36:34) 
  • Discovering what your body need and have the right mindset (40:06)
  • Pressure on social media and more on authenticity (43:22)
  • Sophie’s Routine (50:27)
  • Her Recommendations (56:43)

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