#23: How to Start Building a World-Class Network

Scott 05/16/2020 22

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“There’s never been a better opportunity to network digitally!”

In this week’s solo episode, I’m going to share with you four very specific and actionable tips that I’ve used to start building a network of business owners, entrepreneurs and mentors.
These are people that helped me both personally and professionally, and you can start building a network like this too!

Podcasts and other recommendations worth checking out:

  • Growth Mindset University with Jordan Paris: Jordan is one of my favourite podcasters right now and I’ve appropriated tip #1 directly from him! His podcast has featured many fantastic guests, including Mark Manson, Derek Sivers and James Altucher, to name just a few. Highly recommend giving it a listen!
  • Camilla Ainsworth, founder of MylkPlus and The Apprentice Finalist 2018 (@camillaainsworth): I’m a huge fan of Camilla and the work she’s doing so it was an absolute privilege to meet her at the Entrepreneur Summit 2019!
  • What’s it like with… Luce: This is one of my favourite podcasts at the moment! Lucy is a fantastic host who draws the best stories out of her guests, and I can see this podcast going a long way indeed!

Key Points:

Tip #1: “Dig your well before you’re thirsty.” (4:28)

Tip #2: “Don’t go for the kiss straight away.” (5:34)

Tip #3: Attend networking events. (7:42)

Tip #4: Association is powerful! (9:47)

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