#28: Humility as a Leader with Ian Roth

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“Sometimes the worst decision you can make is not making a decision at all.”

– Ian Roth

Ian Roth is a Company Commander in the US Army and the host of two podcasts: Talking Llama and Get Heard.

Talking Llama is a podcast about podcasting and provides valuable information to those looking to get involved in this space, and Get Heard draws on the experiences of Ian’s guests to provide listeners with ways to become better leaders and communicators.

In our wide-ranging conversation, we discuss ideas for improving your podcast’s discoverability on Apple Podcasts; humility as a leader and other important leadership principles; how and why people should “speak their legacy”; and so much more!

You can find Ian at the following:

Here are links to some of the resources we discuss:

  • Freelancer.com: This is a platform I have used time and time again to find designers for one-off projects and is one I would highly recommend!
  • Canva: If you’re looking to create beautiful designs for free and have limited design skills like me, Canva is a god-send! You can use it on both desktop and mobile, and there are countless templates for you to use for social media posts, email headers, flyers – the list goes on!
  • Audacity: A free piece of software to edit podcasts and audio that’s available on Windows and Mac. It’s relatively intuitive to use and I’ve been a fan of Audacity for years!
  • Logic Pro X: If you’re looking to take your podcast sound quality to the next level, Logic Pro X may be worth considering. Ian recommends it and I may look to upgrade to it in the very near future.
  • Calendly.com: If you’re looking to bring guests onto your show, this fantastic tool will make scheduling recordings 1000 times easier. No more back and forth in emails trying to nail down a recording date!
  • Anchor.fm: There are a number of podcast hosts to choose from and I personally use Buzzsprout for a number of reasons​. However, if you’re looking to dip your toe into podcasting without committing to a monthly hosting fee, anchor.fm is a great alternative. It was acquired by Spotify last year and offers a bunch of useful features, including being able to leave voice messages to podcast hosts.
  • Free Pat Flynn courses: Me and Ian both love Pat Flynn’s work, and given the outbreak of Covid-19, he’s kindly offering a bunch of his courses for free, including Smart From Scratch ($249 value)
  • Jordan Paris – The Podcast Playbook and Growth Mindset University​: Jordan is an exceptional podcast host and The Podcast Playbook is packed full of advanced podcasting tips, such as how to reach out to high-profile guests and how to nurture listeners to customers. Highly recommend checking out all of Jordan’s resources!

Podcasts Ian is listening to:

Key Points:

The inspiration behind Talking Llama (4:14)

Importance of podcast artwork (10:00)

Get Heard (11:58)

Humility and important leadership principles (16:20)

More on Talking Llama (16:20)

When is enough? (19:34)

Short vs long episodes and other variables (22:44)

Life of a company commander (26:13)

Biggest mistakes of podcasting (29:25)

It’s not too late to start podcasting (34:50)

Discoverability (37:50)

Dream Guests (48:35)

Speak your Legacy! (52:33)

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