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#34: Alex Chisnall – Super-Connector and Host of #1 Ranked Podcast, Screw It Just Do It

Scott 06/24/2020 8

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“I cracked the door open. You kicked the door in, dude!” 

– Alex Chisnall

Alex Chisnall (@alexanderchisnall) is the host of the #1 ranked entrepreneurship podcast, Screw It Just Do It. Through his network and podcasting agency, he also helps leading brands and entrepreneurs find their voice through the power of podcasting.

Having started his podcast in May 2017, Alex has since spoken to countless entrepreneurs and business leaders, and his podcast is now listened to in 142 countries across the globe. Previous guests include Ted Baker’s Ray Kelvin; Innocent founder, Richard Reed; Not On The High Street Co-Founder, Holly Tucker; and Apprentice stars, Camilla Ainsworth and Sabrina Stocker; to name just a few!

As well as continuing to grow Screw It Just Do It and run his podcast agency, Alex has helped me and other aspiring podcasters successfully launch their own podcasts with his fantastic Podcast Launch Programme and Podpreneur Facebook group.

On top of all this, Alex is a Director for the Festival of Enterprise;  an advisor for global startup generator & early-stage VC, Antler; and most importantly, a very proud family man!

He’s got plenty of inspiring tales to tell and I’m very excited to share them with you today!

In our wide-ranging conversation, we discuss practical strategies to bring people into your network; how to get more listeners for your podcast; leveraging the influence of your guests to grow your podcast; Alex’s single biggest podcasting regret; and so, SO much more!

You can find Alex at the following:

Resources discussed during the conversation:

  • Jordan Paris – Host of Growth Mindset University and author of The Podcast Playbook: This guy is a fantastic podcast host who’s spoken to the likes of Mark Manson and James Altucher, and his book on podcasting is full of absolute gold!
  • Chartable.com: This site’s great if you’re looking to track ALL of your podcast downloads across all platforms. Spotify calls listens ‘streams’ whilst Apple collects data based on downloads, so it’s useful to collate total listens in one place so that you’ve got an accurate measure of your podcast’s performance.

Key Points

  • “The most valuable thing you have Alex… is the network you’ve generated.” (5:54)
  • Asking yourself what you can do to help people in your network and bring value to them (9:07)
  • How to get more listens more your podcast (16:30)
  • The importance of downloads and reviews to help with podcast rankings (18:20)
  • Leverage the influence of your guests to grow your podcast (21:16)
  • You don’t need to be into tech to start a podcast! (22:45)
  • How to get “big name guests” onto your podcast (27:00)
  • Specifics of what you should include in a cold outreach to someone over email or LinkedIn / Instagram (35:27)
  • Leveraging your podcast network for other opportunities and the ‘trickle-down effect’ (43:20)
  • Alex’s single biggest podcasting regret (49:29)
  • 20% creating, 80% promoting (50:54)
  • “Every opportunity you say yes to shuts the door on another opportunity.” (54:21)
  • Alex’s goals for 2020 (55:27)
  • The impacts of Corona on Alex’s podcasting agency (57:25)

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