#38: Financially Free through Property with Russell Leeds

Scott 07/08/2020 11

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“The strategies work but do you work?”

– Russell Leeds

Russell Leeds (@russellleeds) is an entrepreneur, trainer and property investor. He co-runs Leeds Group Holdings, and with a team of 15, they turn over £5 million a year.

Russell and his brother Samuel made the national press in the summer of 2018 after buying a 16th-century mansion for £805,000, adding it to their ever-growing property portfolio. They also run a successful training company called ‘Property Investors with Samuel Leeds’  and their mission is to help as many people as possible to become financially free.

In our wide-ranging conversation, we delve into powerful property investment strategies you can implement, even if you have very little money; how lease option agreements & HMOs can create win-win situations; how Russell and Samuel are helping hundreds of people become financially free; Donkey Kong goal-setting; and so much more!

You can find Russell at the following:

Resources discussed during the conversation:

  • Buy Low Rent High by Samuel Leeds: A fantastic book which I blitzed through in one day! It details Russell and Samuel’s property-investing approach and isn’t full of jargon. Highly recommended if you’re at all interested in property investing!
  • Financial Freedom Challenge YouTube video: Back in 2018, Samuel created the Financial Freedom Challenge and it goes some way to show that ANYONE can make money in property investing if they have the right tools and knowledge. Well worth a watch!
  • Winners on a Wednesday YouTube show: A YouTube show which highlights the successes of Russell and Samuel’s property training business. Lots of inspiring stories in these episodes!

Key Points:

  • Using PR to stand-out from the crowd and gain social proof (4:26)
  • Traditional property-buying versus Russell’s approach (9:26)
  • Lease option agreements and how they can create win-win situations (12:40)
  • How to convince someone to sell their property to you using soft sales tactics (17:44)
  • The rental benefits of Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMOs) and what factors to consider when buying an HMO to rent (18:43)
  • Rent-to-HMO strategy and how this can be effective if you have no money to invest in buying a property (24:45)
  • Russell’s mission of helping people become financially free and how passive income plays a role in this (28:06)
  • Financial Freedom Challenge and how it goes some way to proving that ANYONE can get started in property investing if they have the right tools and knowledge. (34:25)
  • Property student who faced 181 rejections! (38:05)
  • Money as a certificate of value (51:28)
  • Accountability (1:01:01)
  • The Donkey Kong method to setting goals and how it can help you achieve goals that don’t have a built-in “champagne moment” (1:02:01)

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