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#4: Ditching the 9-5 to dJ with Tik Tok Star, Erin Constantine (800K+ Followers!)

Scott 03/11/2020 50

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“I just considered DJing a a fun thing.” 

– Erin Constantine

Erin Constantine (@erinconstantine) is an artist and DJ with over 800k followers and over 13.3 million video likes on her Tik Tok. She started DJing in 2014 and now performs live across America.

tik tok artist erin constantine

Her passion for DJing began when she started doing mashup videos of Ariana Grande songs on Twitter. Countless hours practice later whilst also working 2 other jobs, Erin in now able to focus on her music full-time. She has recently released her first single on Spotify with American duo CHOVA and has collaborated with global DJ software company, Serato.

In our wide-ranging conversation, we discuss learning how to DJ; how to increase the chances of your videos going viral on Tik Tok; how Erin transitioned into pursuing her musical passions full-time; and so much more!

Key Points:

  • Working 3 jobs simultaneously (8:01)
  • Learning how to DJ (18:40)
  • How to get work as a creative when you’re first starting out (29:20)
  • Erin’s beginnings on Tik Tok (40:00)
  • Importance of Instagram for music artists (50:00)
  • Making money on Tik Tok (53:15)

You can find Erin at the following:

Here are links to some of the resources that came up during our conversation:

  • DJ Beginners YouTube Channel with Phil Harris: Phil’s YouTube channel is a fantastic place to start if you have no idea how to DJ! He has tons of helpful free videos around basic DJ techniques, and he also offers DJ courses if you’re looking to take your DJ skills to the next level.
  • Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell: A fantastic book which provides interesting insights into how some groups become ultra successful, such as The Beatles, and what practices separate them from the rest.

Here are links to the DJ equipment Erin recommends:

  • Macbook: One of the most popular choices for aspiring artists and DJs around the world.
  • Serato DJ Pro software: Amazing DJ software which Erin uses for all her mixing needs. I’ve also been using Serato DJ Lite (free Serato software) for the past year and it’s perfect if you’re just getting started!
  • Pioneer SB: If you’re just getting started, this is the controller Erin recommends.
  • DJ City: One of many sources Erin uses to find music ready to mix!

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