#44: Mashing Journalism & Podcasting with Lucy Norris

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“Create your opportunities.”

-Lucy Norris

Lucy Norris (@lucenorris) is a freelance multimedia journalist and host of What It’s Like with Luce: a podcast which explores the lives of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Having set her sights on the West End growing up, Lucy’s travel experiences helped her uncover a passion for sharing stories. She left her home city of Dublin to study journalism at the University of Kent and is currently pursuing her dream of podcasting full-time whilst also continuing to be a freelance journalist.

I had so much chatting with Luce! In our wide-ranging conversation, we discuss what Gonzo journalism taught her about celebrity endorsements vs influencer endorsements; how to grow an online community; Lucy’s key learnings to date from her podcast guests; and so much more!

You can find Lucy at the following:

Resources mentioned in this episode:

  • A Filtered Life: This dissertation project of Lucy’s explores what it’s like to be an influencer and is a fine example of Gonzo journalism. Highly recommend checking it out!
  • What It’s Like with Luce: This one of my favourite podcasts to listen to right now! Lucy brings a real eclectic mix of guest stories and experiences together and I never fail to learn something!
  • How I Built This with Guy Raz: Guy has been a massive inspiration for so many podcasters like me and it’s great to see he’s inspired Lucy too! Each episode, he shares the story of an entrepreneur who has risen to the top of their game, and he’s featured the likes of Sara Blakely, Joe Gebbia and Mark Cuban, to name just a few!
  • The Diary of a CEO with Steven Bartlett: I’ll always remember the first time I listened to Steven’s podcast as it was the day I started a new job! Never have I heard someone be so honest and raw in a podcast, and this is a must-listen for any aspiring entrepreneurs – particularly his early solo episodes!

Key Points:

Lucy’s first feature piece (4:25)

Being nosy (8:57)

Talking about A Filtered Life (10:01)

Gonzo journalism and becoming an influencer (11:55)

The biggest lesson on the experience (18:33)

Tips on building a following (23:34)

The reason behind her passion for journalism (29:00)

Building your personal brand and using your voice(41:22)

Highlighting ordinary people doing extraordinary things with What It’s Like with Luce (44:07)

Reaching out to people and building her extraordinary guests (48:24)

Learning from her guests (51:51)

Lucy’s future plan (56:00)

Create your opportunities (1:01:34)

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