#46: Love Yourself with Leanne Jacklin

Scott 08/05/2020 13

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“We don’t like talking about the fact we talk to people.” 

– Leanne Jacklin

​Leanne Jacklin (@leanne.jacklin) ​​is a qualified personal trainer and someone I could happily chat to all day about self-care!

Despite working in gym environments when she was younger, Leanne’s relationship with exercise and food hasn’t always been positive. Her cardio consisted of dancing in nightclubs and her diet was a combination of toast and takeaways. However, after changing her habits and becoming more attuned to self-care, Leanne is now inspiring countless women on their own self-improvement journeys.

Leanne’s honesty is truly refreshing! We discuss so much, including how therapy can help you feel less alone; how to love yourself more; ideas for more productive morning routines; and so much more!

You can find Leanne at the following:

Here are links to some of the tools, books and resources we discuss:

  • Headspace: an app which provides guided meditations and helps people all around the world with their mental well-being.
  • Sanity and Self: an app which is helping over a million women with their wellness.
  • 1 Giant Mind: one of the best apps I’ve ever used and continue to use to this day! It’s helping people around the world learn to meditate using mantras and is completely free to use.
  • @krissycela: the founder of Tone and Sculpt who Leanne describes as a ‘Wonder Woman’. 1.8 million Instagram followers agree!


Leanne’s journey with fitness and wanting to make a change (5:18)

Find your middle ground (9:35)

Mindset, focusing on yourself first and some of her tips! (12:21)

How therapy can help you feel less alone (15:17)

Find something you can connect to and takeaways (25:05)

It’s ok to love yourself first (29:27)

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