#5: Three Questions to Really Stretch You in 2020

Scott 03/14/2020 15

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“It’s embarrassing!”

Welcome to episode 5 of Entrepreneurs Can Party! In this episode, I’ll be sharing three questions which can really stretch you in 2020 & make this your best year yet!

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Key Points:

  • “How am I complicit in creating conditions that I say I don’t want?” (3:58) – Tim Ferriss, host of The Tim Ferriss Show​. He continues one of my favourite podcasters & entrepreneurs. 
  • Quitting my job and leaving home (4:35)
  • “How can I do ‘X’ 20 times better?” (8:06) – Jesse Itzler, New York Times best-selling author & entrepreneur. This question featured on The Investors Podcast, hosted by the fantastic Preston Pysh & Stig Brodersen​.
  • Making my podcast 20 times better (9:02)
  • “What would 100% effort look like?” (11:11) – Lana Dingwall, a successful business coach & host of Changing the Story podcast. I was delighted to bring Lana onto Entrepreneurs Can Party in episode 2!
  • ​My embarrassing progress on learning Spanish (11:58)
  • BONUS QUESTION: “What did you fail at today?” (13:23)- Sara Blakely, inspiring business leader & founder of Spanx.
  • Gary Vee turned down Uber. Twice. (14:27)

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