#52: Making Chocolate for a Living with Katie Lloyd

Scott 08/26/2020 6

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“A tip I cannot stress enough is just be yourself”

– Katie Lloyd

Katie Lloyd (@kate_2814) is a confectioner at Nestle – one of Europe’s largest food manufacturers.

Having joined as an apprentice over 4 years ago, Katie was (at the time of this recording) based in York’s innovation and renovation team. She has worked on a raft of projects, including popular Matchmaker varieties and specialist Pink Grapefruit Fruit Pastilles for Sir Ian McKellan!

In our wide-ranging conversation, we discuss tips for building cooperative working relationships with colleagues; how to perform strongly in interviews and company assessment centres; potential routes into the food manufacturing industry; and so much more!

I should add Katie is a close friend and we recorded this episode WAY before the recent pandemic. We also chose a somewhat unusual location to record so please excuse the screaming babies!

You can find Katie at the following:

Key Points:

Katie’s beginnings (3:25)

Travelling and the transition to a new job (8:38)

“Do you like chocolate?” (15:31)

Apprenticeships (19:23)

“I invent new chocolate bars for a living” – a Cosmopolitan feature (22:12)

Working with R&D (25:49)

Getting her ideas (30:55)

Katie’s typical workday (33:00)

Tips for building cooperative working relationships with colleagues (35:47)

Katie’s biggest challenges (50:00)

Potential routes into the food manufacturing industry (55:00)

How to perform strongly in interviews and company assessment centres (58:39)

Just smile! (1:09:30)

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