#58: What Separates the 2% with Ryan McGee & Josh Garwood

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“Worry less, smile more.”

 – Josh Garwood.

Ryan McGee (@ryan_mcg_) &  Josh Garwood (@josh.garwood.7) are recent graduates from Loughborough University and hosts of The 2% Percent Podcast : A podcast which explores the secrets, routines and mindsets of ‘2%ers’ living life to the full.

Whilst at university, Ryan & Josh both became involved with Enactus: An organisation which invests in students who take entrepreneurial action for others and help create a better world for all. Their experiences in this student-led movement lit entrepreneurial tendencies in them both which they didn’t want to die out. Hence, The 2% Podcast was born.

In our wide-ranging conversation, we dive into some of the sustainability challenges facing social enterprises; what does it mean to be an entrepreneur; lessons learnt from the ‘2%ers’ and what defines them; and an array of delights in between!

You can find Ryan & Josh at the following:

Organisations mentioned in the episode:

Key Points:

Getting involved with Enactus (7:00)

Sustainability challenges facing social enterprises (15:27)

What does it mean to be an entrepreneur? (18:53)

The birth of The 2% Podcast (23:15)

 Lessons learnt from the ‘2%ers’ and what defines them (25:24)

Mindset towards risks (27:50)

Guest vibes (32:47)

Future plans for The 2% Podcast (36:50)

“Just do you.. because what else.” – Ryan (42:00)

“Worry less, smile more.” – Josh (43:12)

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