#6: Eating Disorders & Empowering Women with Lara Theis

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“I’m all about messy action.”

– Lara Theis

Lara Theis (@dr.laratheis)​ is a future vet and founder of Ms. Fit: a platform centered around sharing stories and tips to help women achieve a more balanced and healthy lifestyle.

lara theis

During college, Lara struggled with food. After opening up to husband about her eating disorders, she wanted to learn more about the science behind diets and exercise, and how she could develop a more sustainable, healthy relationship with food. 

Following this, Lara has taken a scientific approach to understand how nutrition, exercise and mindset are vital to peak performance. Through her programmes and Ms. Fit challenges, she is now giving women around the world the tools to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Lara’s passion for helping other women and her positivity are truly infectious! In our wide-ranging conversation, we discuss the benefits of beta testing new products and how to do it; tools and resources she has found useful to create winning products; the importance of building a supportive community; and so much more!

Key Points:

  • Lara’s struggles with food throughout school (7:54)
  • Why Lara started Ms Fit (13:04)
  • Fitness, nutrition & mindset pillars (16:00)
  • “I am enough” (19:20)
  • Powerful marketing tools (23:01)
  • It’s never too late to start! (43:40)

You can find Lara at the following:

Here are links to some of the tools we discuss:

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