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My Daily Routine

Scott 10/03/2019 8

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Wake up at 06:05. (It’s actually 05:57. In your face Alarm Cock.) Down a bottle of water. Take a cold shower. (And then a normal one.)

Get dressed. Read “Harry Potter y la piedra filosofal” for 20 mins. (Or go through some Spanish notes). Meditate for a further 20. Catch up on messages. Reach out to Cricketers. Have breakfast. Chat with the padres. Leave the house by 8.

Anddddd breathheee. (I’m getting tired just typing this. Onwards I’ll go!) 👊

Drive to work. Use the reception toilets. (Always.) Walk into the office two minutes late. (I’m a badass.) Read some emails. Do some work. Type in some numbers. Jump on some calls. Go for a walk. Eat my lunch. Go to a few meetings. Chat about football. Finish the 9-5.

Drive home. Have tea. Chat with the padres. Work on ScottBar. (Send some emails, record an episode, edit an episode, reach out to people, create content, learn about stuff.) Maybe have Spanish. Maybe teach maths. Maybe DJ. Maybe see friends.

Eat some more. Drink some more. Piss some more. Watch some YouTube. Procrastinate. Create more content. Send more messages. Turn off my phone. Read a book. Write in my journal. Switch off the lights. Sleep for 8 hours. BOOM.

And on and on and on it goes.

Strangely, I actually quite like this routine! (Well, certain parts at least!) But you know what? It NEVER EVER feels enough. I always feel if I can work just a little bit harder, reach just a little bit further…

What Scott? What will happen? You’ll magically feel enough and will let go of the urge to keep wanting more? PLEASEEEE, don’t kid yourself mate!

The trick isn’t to do more. It’s to do less. Time is our most precious resource, after all. (3 years of economics right there.) So stop trying to squeeze as much in Scott. Start taking shit away. And guess what? You’ll then have more time to do the stuff you love.

This is my daily routine Cricketers. What’s yours??

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